Shickolada - is exclusive lingerie handmade with love and for love,

created to celebrate woman's sensuality, the eternity of female's sexual appeal

and irresistible temptation of pleasure.


The name Shickolada comes from Russian language ("shockolad" means chocolate in Russian)

and is mixed with French word "chic" and a feminine ending "a" which emphasizes

the international cosmopolitan aspect of Shickolada. 


The lingerie  is made by a designer of Russian origin and career of Russian culture

and at the same time living in France and spreading the French values of women's freedom,

Parisian chic and aesthetics.


Shickolada lingerie  collections are made of exquisite selection of French lace

with a lot of care for comfort, aesthetics and exclusive design.


Shickolada - is a story about the power and poetry of being a woman.


Please enjoy