Crafting Passion into Lingerie

Behind the Shickolada lingerie brand is Tatiana, a self-taught designer with a passion for fashion, expressing her love of French lace, femininity, and her weakness for chocolate (which inspired the brand's name, Shickolada: Chic + Chocolat).


All Shickolada lingerie is handmade in small series. In 2008, Tatiana initially produced all her lingerie creations herself. Later, she trained her loyal seamstress, with whom she now produces prototypes and all new collections.


Celebrating Femininity

The main materials used are the finest French lace from Calais and Caudry, revered by top luxury brands and the world of Haute Couture. Originating from England and the Leavers looms of the Hauts de France region for nearly two centuries, these delicate laces demand meticulous attention.


Shickolada's ethos celebrates life's simple pleasures and the beauty of femininity. Feminine, sensual, poetic, and refined —the essence of Shickolada.

Zero Waste

Sustainable Chic

Shickolada is an eco-friendly brand that embraces a Zero Waste principle, ensuring even the smallest lace and fabric scraps are repurposed, often donated to jewelry and doll designers.


Crafted solely with traditional French Calais lace, known for its delicacy, our pieces require gentle care: hand or machine wash below 30°C, avoid ironing, tumble drying, and bleaching. Note: Wash new colored garments separately to prevent color transfer.